Appraisal of machinery and installations is another pillar of our business. We are well aware how essential the accurate appraisal of machinery and installations, technical means, mega-systems and other tangible assets are for our clients. That is why we treat each assignment individually, adjusting the appraisal methods and execution to the appraised property and the purpose of appraisal.

We have over ten years experience both in the appraisal of machinery and the comprehensive appraisal of the technical means of whole production facilities, including production lines, the furnishings and fittings of warehouses, workshops, boiler houses, compressor rooms, as well as administration sites, including whole IT infrastructure (e.g., server rooms) and basic office furnishings and fittings.

We work with individual clients as well as businesses and insurance companies. 

Below are the biggest tangible asset appraisal projects which were carried out by our company:

  1. Połaniec Power Plant – technical means and mega-systems
  2. LOT AMS in Warsaw – machinery and installations and an aviation spare parts warehouse
  3. FLIS SP.J. in Kuranów – machinery and installations for food and confectionary production
  4. Pini Beef in Końska Wola – meat processing plant
  5. SuperDrob Zakłady Drobiarsko-Mięsne S.A. in Rozienice near Lublin
  6. LPG station in Pisz
  7. Gdańsk Shipyard – overhead crane, cranes and other technical equipment
  8. Dialysis unit in Olstrzyn – technical means and fittings, including medical equipment used for dialysis
  9. TRAKCJA PRKil S.A. – locomotives, cars and other specialist technical means in the loading and workshop-repair sections
  10. Bankruptcy estate of OLT Express for the receiver

And many others.

Appraisal of machinery and installations – what are the benefits?

Reliable expert's reports

We produce reliable expert’s reports. Each machine and installation is unique, and varies in structure, purpose, and method of operation. Thanks to our expert knowledge, advanced methodology, extensive experience, and interdisciplinary competencies, we know perfectly how to draw up reports that can be relied on.

Fully committed

We are fully committed. Professional estimation of the value of machinery and installations requires not only knowledge, experience, and know-how but also full commitment. This ensures we take all details into account in our appraisals, even those that would seem irrelevant to others.

We are able to carry out specialist appraisals of technical means:

Unusual and industrial vehicles (harvesters, mobile cranes, forwarders, etc.), locomotives
Medical equipment
Technological and production lines
Electronics: server rooms, cinematography equipment, including equipment used for post-production