Appraisal of investment land is a complex process that requires a number of factors to be considered. Are you looking for professionals who will quickly and reliably determine the value of your investment land? You need to look no further. For many years we have been drawing up appraisals for private as well as institutional investors.

Our appraisal reports precisely specify the market value of investment land. This is because we consider a number of factors when determining it: not only the area of the property, but also its location, legal status, the local zoning plan and well as geodesic and cartographic documentation. We also analyse the prices of similar investment land. In the appraisal process, we also take into account factors that are important from the point of view of the given investor the profitability of the investment. 


Appraisal of investment land – precision and attractive pricing

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Meticulousness is our middle name. Our exceptional scrupulousness ensures that in our expert’s opinions we take into account all the necessary factors to determine the real value of investment land. As a result, our appraisal reports often sever as the basis for determining or negotiating the transaction price of real property.

Being meticulous and committed to what we do, we also offer attractive pricing. Our prices are agreed on a case by case basis. The cost of the report depends on how complex the work is.