Mines and landfills are another example of unusual sites in our portfolio. Their appraisal requires in-depth knowledge of the market. As experienced property appraisers, we can guarantee that our estimates are correct even in the case of such exceptional properties.

Appraisals of mines must also include an appraisal of mineral deposits. When determining the value of a mineral, we take into account its type and quality, mineral reserves, mining costs and conditions, as well as potential revenue. Such a detailed analysis enables us to specify the real value of the mining site.

We usually appraise mines for the following purposes:

acquisition or sale
determining the value of the enterprise
taking out a loan
determining the amount of compensation
raising equity capital


When appraising a mine, we estimate the value of not only the facility itself, but also of machinery and its permanent infrastructure. We also take into account the location and legal status of the real property, as well as its operating costs.

Not only mines – appraisal of landfills


We also offer landfill appraisal services. This is a demanding process, as it is difficult to find comparable market transactions. This means that estimating the value of a site using the comparative approach is out of the question. In the case of landfills, the income approach and its profit method offer the most reliable results.

Thanks to expert knowledge, we know that when appraising landfills it is not enough to take into account the information typically used in the income approach. It is also necessary to incorporate other factors such as costs of adding subsequent plots or continuous land reclamation. Taking into account the individual features of a site guarantees correctness of the estimated value.

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