Our operations include the valuation of compensations and easements. Thanks to our vast knowledge, experience, and comprehensive approach, we prepare professional valuation reports which take into account not only the factual circumstances but also historical data. Thus, we can accurately calculate the compensation for transmission easement, the usufruct of a property without a contractual basis, or the expropriation of land intended for the construction of a road.

We always follow the code of professional conduct within our business. We are always impartial, and we prepare the valuations of compensations and easements in accordance with the law and the latest standards. We carefully examine all of the factors which may affect the amount of compensation. Thanks to our expert know-how, we operate quickly and accurately. As a result, we guarantee to provide high-quality services in a timely manner.

wycena nieruchomości komercyjnych
Our offer also includes appraisal of transmission easements.
rzeczoznawca majatkowy warszawa
As part of our appraisal services we also estimate remuneration for non-contractual use of real property.
According to the law in force in Poland, owners of land expropriated for roads are entitled to receive compensation.