According to the law in force in Poland, owners of land expropriated for roads are entitled to receive compensation. To determine its amount, a property appraiser needs to prepare an appraisal report. Are you looking for a company that will produce a reliable and impartial appraisal? We are at your disposal.

Our appraisal reports contain legally required parts, including the method of valuation, as well as its subject, scope and purpose. We attach to our reports all documents that were relied on when determining the amount. This means that they meet not only legal requirements, but also property appraisal standards.

When drawing up appraisals concerning land expropriated for roads, we take into account the local and regional market transaction prices of road real properties.  If this data is not sufficient, we rely on the intended use of real property that is the most common among adjacent land. We do all this to ensure our appraisal is as accurate as possible.


Our appraisal reports are always impartial studies that objectively and accurately estimate the amount of any potential compensation. This is thanks to our high standards of ethics in business and the use of proven appraisal tools and techniques.

Appraisal of land expropriated for roads – impartiality is key

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The appraisal reports prepared by us often serve to determine compensation for expropriation of land for roads. That is why we make every effort to ensure that they are accurate, logical and consistent.

Our appraisals concerning land expropriated for roads are commissioned by:

individual customers
construction companies
municipalities, districts and provinces