Due to the dynamic development of the office real property market in Poland, reliable and objective estimation of their value is becoming increasingly important. It is necessary, among all, to evaluate the profitability of investing in an office building or to determine the amount of security for a loan. Whatever the purpose, we provide comprehensive office property appraisal service by drawing up appraisal reports.

Apart from the purpose of appraisal, in our expert’s opinions we also take the following aspects into account:
location of the real property,
zoning of the real property in the local physical development plan,
degree of provision in technical infrastructure,
current developments on the real property,
prices of comparable properties.

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A thorough multi-factor analysis allows us to produce precise appraisals of office buildings. We determine the value of not only completed real properties that are in use, but also projects under construction. Thanks to our analyses, investors can determine how profitable it is to purchase land where the construction of an office building is only being planned.

Reliable appraisal of office real properties – how do we operate?


Office buildings are unique facilities. In their case, we usually use the income method, which, as the name suggests, allows us to determine the value of the property based on the income that it generates. For this purpose, we analyse, among all, the age of the building, the standard of its finishing, the share of vacancies, and the property maintenance costs.

In our reports, we include analyses with the comparative method and include overviews of the local and national market. All this enables us to reliably determine the market value of the property.

Thanks to our expertise, extensive experience and know-how we are able to offer short delivery times. We need up to 10 business days to draw up a standard appraisal report. However, in the case of complex projects, we need more time. That is why we usually agree on the deadline for completion on a case by case basis.