We analyse a number of factors when appraising warehouses and logistics centres. We take into account, among all, the location of the property, in particular the proximity of the main access road allowing lorry traffic, as well as the technical condition of the facility, the standard of its finishing, and monthly maintenance costs. We also thoroughly research the local market.

We use the income approach and its investment method to determine the value of warehouses and logistics centres. In our appraisals we focus on determining the value of:

the building
land the facility was erected on
permanent infrastructure associated with the property

wycena nieruchomości przemysłowych

The comprehensive approach allows our clients to receive full information regarding the value of the warehouse or logistics centre. It is an excellent starting point for negotiating the terms of a transaction, but not only. Our appraisals are also used for other purposes, e.g. to determine security for a loan.