Our offer also includes appraisal of transmission easements. They are usually drawn up to determine the amount that the owner of the land is entitled to when transmission installations, such as power lines or gas pipes, are placed on the owned property. The owner of the land may claim a fee for the use of the owned land, compensation for lost profits, as well as compensation for diminished value of the property.

Is there a power line running across your property? A professional and objective appraisal report will allow you to determine the value of any potential claims you may make. We offer professional appraisals of transmission easements for individual clients, as well as transmission network operators, contractors and courts.


Extensive experience and knowledge backed by professional education and numerous certificates and completed courses enable us to offer top quality services. Our appraisal reports are often used to determine or negotiate transmission easement fees. Sometimes they are also used as evidence in common courts.

Appraisal of transmission easements – what do we offer?


When appraising transmission easements, we primarily focus on the type of technical infrastructure on the property and how the property is used by the easement holder. We also determine how the infrastructure in question limits exercising ownership or perpetual usufruct right to the property.

To produce a reliable expert’s opinion, we analyze the market prices of land and conduct site visits. We also inspect the legal status of the property. We do all this to draw up a thorough opinion that is difficult to challenge.
We draw up appraisals of transmission easements involving:

overhead power lines
gas network
sewage network
telecommunications network