Do you want to rent an apartment, house, garage or an office but don’t know what rent is appropriate? Our professional market analysis will dispel all your doubts.

In our analysis of rents we not only take into account the costs of using the premises, but also income tax that landlords need to pay in certain situations. This makes it easier for the owner of the premises to determine the right amount of rent. It also enables tenant to check whether the amount offered by the landlord does not deviate significantly from market prices.


Analysis of rents – regular and unusual properties

We work not only with standard markets and real properties, but also unusual ones. In the latter case there are no examples that could serve as reference when determining the rent. That is why it is necessary to complete a specific appraisal procedure. This requires not only knowledge of the law and the given market, but also experience and know-how. We offer all of these to our clients.

When determining the amount of rent we take a number of factors into account, including:

location of the real property
the size or area of the property, and in some cases also the layout of the rooms
technical condition of the premises and the standard of furnishings and fittings.

To accurately determine the amount of rent, it is necessary to perform an in-depth multi-factor analysis. We know how to do it, thanks to the knowledge, experience and proficiency in using appraisal techniques.