One of the main foundations of our operations is the accurate and impartial valuation of commercial real estate carried out for various purposes. Among the many types of properties, we determine the value of office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, logistics centers, hotels and resorts, and petrol stations. In each case, we take into consideration the specific nature of the property in question, which allows us to flawlessly estimate its actual value.

We always prepare our valuation reports in accordance with the law and professional standards. Thanks to our expertise and considerable experience, we can address even the most complex and difficult matters regarding commercial real estate valuation. We operate quickly but thoroughly, with great professionalism and dedication. We provide high-quality services in a timely manner. See what we can do for you.

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Due to the dynamic development of the office real property market in Poland, reliable and objective estimation of their value is becoming increasingly important.
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An appraisal of a shopping centre is not much different from appraisals of other commercial properties, and the income approach is also the most popular one in such cases.
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We analyse a number of factors when appraising warehouses and logistics centres. We take into account, among all, the location of the property…
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Do you want to buy a hotel or a holiday resort? Or perhaps one is to serve as collateral for a loan?
Running a petrol station is a special type of business. The decision to set one up cannot be based on emotions, but rather an informed profit analysis.