Running a petrol station is a special type of business. The decision to set one up cannot be based on emotions, but rather an informed profit analysis. We are well aware of this, which is why we offer professional petrol station appraisal services.

Are you afraid that the investment may turn out to be unprofitable? Our professional appraisal report will determine the market value of the property, which will make your decision easier. It will also help you negotiate the terms of the transaction, if the seller’s quote differs from the price determined by our appraiser.

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We take all these details into account in our appraisal reports. This reassures our clients that our calculation of the market value of the petrol station is correct.

Appraisal of petrol stations – how do we work?


We know well that the gas station market has its own rules. This is why we use the profit method to properly appraise such properties. The base of our estimates is income generated by the business activity conducted on the property. However, this is not the only factor we look at. We also evaluate the site’s potential, taking into account, e.g., the number of vehicles served, the population of the given region, and the number of cars per 1,000 residents.

When drawing up petrol station appraisals, we never ignore the individual features of the given property. Some facilities sell non-fuel products, including motor oils, fluids and food. Other offer car washing and vacuuming services. Some offer overnight accommodation or car repair services.