In the course of our business, we valuate industrial properties. The subjects of our valuation reports are mostly industrial facilities, power plants, heat and power plants, as well as mines and disposal sites. Depending on the type of the property and the purposes of the valuation, we employ various methods, techniques, and tools. It lets us determine the value of a given property in a detailed and accurate way.

Our valuation reports of industrial real estate are impartial and carefully prepared. We not only draw them up for private ordering parties but also courts and communal or municipal offices. The criteria that we take into account while preparing valuation reports are always objective. We abide by the law and professional standards. As a result, our reports meet all formal and legal requirements.

We guarantee to provide professional services in a timely manner. See the details of our offer.

wycena nieruchomości
Appraisal of industrial sites is a complex and multi-stage process. Do you want to avoid mistakes and receive a reliable value of the property?
wycena nieruchomości komercyjnej
Power plants and CHP plants are non-standard facilities. There are not common on the real property transaction market.
biegly rzeczoznawca majatkowy
Mines and landfills are another example of unusual sites in our portfolio. Their appraisal requires in-depth knowledge of the market.