Appraisal of industrial sites is a complex and multi-stage process. Do you want to avoid mistakes and receive a reliable value of the property? Let us estimate it. Expert knowledge and many years of experience allow us to prepare insightful appraisal reports that precisely specify the value of an industrial plant.

In our expert’s opinions, we take into account not only the value of the building itself but also the value of the land, machinery, installations and production lines. We also take into account the legal status of the property, its location and operating costs. As a result, the client receives an accurate and reliable appraisal of the industrial site.

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By using our services, you can be sure you will receive reliable and objective information about the value of the industrial plant. The appraisal reports we draw up are high-quality documents that meet all legal requirements and property appraisal standards. They are a reliable source of information about the given undertaking.

Appraisal of industrial sites – how do we operate?


We mainly use the income approach when appraising industrial plants. It consists in determining what profits a given property can generate. We also use selected aspects of the comparative approach, and take into account the transaction prices of comparable properties. However, this is not always possible. An industrial plant may be so unique that finding a comparable facility on the market proves impossible.

Knowing the market value of the industrial plant, you will be able to negotiate the terms of the transaction. It will also be easier for you to evaluate the profitability of investing in the given enterprise. Our appraisals also serve other purposes. They can be reliably used to confirm the value of real property for the bank. They are also often used for fiscal and tax purposes.